Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I have always had freckles. I've never liked them, but I've gotten used to them. They started to fade (or at least not be so noticeable!) at one point in my life, but I got sunburned REALLY badly in college and they came back with a vengeance. In addition to being all over my face, they cover my shoulders as well. Those I really don't like.

So in trying to complete my last Mary Kay party order, I added Even Complexion Essence to my list. I started using it on Saturday, June 28 and we'll see if it really does help even out my freckles. I would be very excited if it did. I have one spot on my face in particular that I'd like evened out, and just to test the product I'm putting it on one shoulder (the more freckly of the two) and not on the other. We'll see if I see a difference and how long it takes. Sarah Baker says it's been working for her. I'm hopeful, but not so sure. Give it a few weeks and I'll let you know.

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