Sunday, June 29, 2008

Beauty is only skin deep...

... or so they say. In a world that obsesses over beauty, what makes a woman truly beautiful? Is inner beauty everything, or does outer beauty count for something too? How far should we go in taking care of our skin and making ourselves presentable for others? How fine is the line between "finished" and vain?

These are questions I think about as I struggle with my "look" as a Texas girl living in Montana. I grew up in a culture that believed "If the barn needs painting, paint it!" and we all knew that EVERYONE'S barn needed painting. Going out without makeup was like leaving the house in your underwear. You just didn't do it. Now I live in Montana, where women let themselves go and start to look weathered by the time they are 35, not as a result of tanning, but because they never took care of their skin. Is one side right? Is there a balance in between? Is there value in taking the time, effort, and money to keep your skin "young" "fresh" and "healthy"?

I suppose I have some thinking to do, and now I have a place to record my thoughts on this journey.