Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lime and Teal!

Lime and teal are great together.

I started loving the combination last summer and picked up a couple items to add color to my wardrobe. Then this fall the momentum grew. Then this spring I learned that they were the "on trend" colors and MK came out with a limited edition coastal colors eyeshadow block with green, teal, and brown. WOW! I loved it immediately. It matched my wardrobe, looked great on, AND it was on trend! How cool is that? I even found teal and lime beads in my jewelry crafting stash and made a jewelry set to go with my clothes in those hues.

And today? I found my favorite nail polish (60 seconds by Rimmel) in teal.

Life is good. And I'm going to look hot this summer.

Elizabeth Wickland
Independent Beauty Consultant

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